The many disturbing attacks on women by once-venerable figures in Hollywood, Washington and beyond underscore the need for a seismic shift in thinking.

While the #MeToo movement has brought to light the sexual predators who abuse their power to silence, intimidate and disrespect women, we would be remiss if we did not hold domestic violence cases to the same standard, especially when they originate in our own backyard.

Regardless of political party, we must all denounce not only violence itself, but also the all-too frequent victim-shaming that accompanies it. The second arrest of one of our county councilmen for domestic violence casts a shadow over Lake County.

A person convicted for battery and facing five felony charges has absolutely no place in government. Shame on Lake County. We deserve better!

From the NWI Times (December 9, 2017)

In a bombshell report released in early August, the Indy Star found that some of our state politicians have been systematically putting up barriers to voting, with chilling results.

After the 2008 Election, in which we elected our first black President and marked the first election in over 40 years…

Chris Chyung

Former Indiana House of Representatives; Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity of NWI; Columbia BSIE 2016

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